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About Foresters Solicitors

40 years ago, the British police had unbridled power and control over the treatment of detainees and suspects, and false confessions were beaten out of many ordinary citizens. Magistrates’ courts were no more than a cabal of local grandees who dispensed justice from a stunted view of society. They were rightly called Police Courts! In the 1980s, the government introduced a law that brought in effective checks on the powers of the police and safeguarded the treatment of detainees and suspects. To make it effective, this law was to be superintended by a strong defence solicitor service. Many lawyers committed to upholding the rule of law and serving in local communities signed up to the Duty Solicitor scheme. It ensured that as long as the police service was open for business, there were solicitors on hand to advise, assist and represent detainees and suspects at the police station, in every locality; and beyond if the matter went to court. Many law firms became specialist criminal practices. Also with that came the mega criminal law firms providing an impersonal service.

Foresters Solicitors was set up in 1993. The partners broke away from large practices to form a small and efficient firm with a focus on protecting and advancing the legal rights of clients.

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Your case will be handled by a qualified and caring lawyer or experienced adviser

We are friendly and relaxed and do not stand on ceremony. Pop in and you will be seen by any available solicitor

We do not compromise on the integrity of our clients’ rights and legitimate interests. We fight your corner

We are committed to the client, unlike some

We will go far and wide to assist clients, week end or night time

”I just wanted to thank you for your kind efforts on C’s behalf at the Youth Court last week. It is good to think that you are in his corner as he has had less than his share of good fortune in his 13 years. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me too”


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