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Criminal Law

All our solicitors and advisers are accredited specialists. We provide:

  • Advice, assistance and representation at the police station and any interview under caution, whether by police or other statutory body.
  • Representation at the magistrates’, youth or traffic courts
  • Fearless defence at trials in the magistrates’ or crown courts
  • Sound advice on whether to appeal or not

General Legal Advice

With the closure of many advice centres many ordinary people find access to justice a daunting prospect. Come and talk to us about your consumer or general legal problem and we will help you access appropriate legal advice.

Motoring Law Services

We provide representation in all areas including defending speeding, document, alcohol / drug driving, and other charges and assist in putting forward mitigation and /or special reasons to avoid disqualification or points.


We are authorised to provide assistance and representation under the criminal legal aid scheme. Where this is not available we offer competitive rates and fixed fees for private funding.


As well as our caring staff of solicitors, we have access to and excellent relations with specialist barristers in crime. We guarantee appropriate levels of representation whether it be in the most serious cases of terrorism, murder, rape, robbery and fraud, or minor non-imprisonable cases.

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